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T&T Public Relations is known throughout California as a trusted innovator in strategic communications and social marketing. Our decades of experience have taught us the best ways to generate recognition and visibility for clients. From transportation to education to conservation, we offer senior-level experience, integrity and leadership.

We understand the needs of our private and public-sector clients. We also understand the diverse communities they serve. That helps us to connect, build opportunities and create awareness. We listen, collaborate and communicate effectively, leveraging the power of public relations to impact lives and achieve social change.

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Making A Difference Since 2012

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What Drives Us

T&T Public Relations is driven by its commitment to service.

When we are helping a client solve problems, improving the quality of life for individuals and communities, or motivating people to empower themselves, that’s when we’re at our best.

Service is our passion. That is why we look for clients and projects through which we can make a difference.

We Get Results

Over the years, T&T Public Relations has built a reputation for our ability to tell stories – your story. We create something fresh, something that wasn’t there before, something outstanding. We’re proud of that.

We specialize in multicultural social marketing that changes behaviors and attitudes. Time and time again, we build consensus among large groups of participants. That’s achieved through connection and inspiration, and breaking down complex issues into personal stories. For our diverse clients, it means getting the right message to the right audience. When that message is received and understood, desired action follows.

Innovative public relations strategies make an impact and drive positive outcomes.

That’s what we do well here at T&T.

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