California Telehealth Network, Launch Press Conference

The California Telehealth Network (CTN) connects healthcare facilities to a statewide and nationwide broadband telehealth network so that they can share information and receive or provide consultations with medical specialists. CTN is the digital highway that will fundamentally change how healthcare is delivered in California by connecting medically underserved rural and urban communities to major medical centers throughout the state. We coordinated and launched CTN at a major press conference with special guests, then-Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and US Chief Technology Officer, Aneesh Chopra as well as other dignitaries and medical experts. We developed a messaging platform and materials that ensured that CTN Spokespersons were positioned as subject-matter experts/leaders in telehealth/telemedicine. Three connected healthcare sites were brought online simultaneously to produce a live demonstration of how the network works, allowing physicians to talk to each via the secure, designated broadband connection. The standing-room only event generated more than 8 million media impressions with coverage from 40+ media outlets (Covered and/or Attended Event).