Bureau of Automotive Repairs, DriveHealthy Campaign

To help the state’s Smog Check program raise awareness about its DriveHealthy educational campaign, we coordinated a multi-pronged public education campaign comprising media outreach, media partnerships, digital communications and community events. Two media training sessions were conducted to prepare BAR spokesperson to deliver the DriveHealthy messages in statewide media. Media materials were prepared and adapted into Spanish to assist the campaign spokespersons and PSAs were placed in radio stations statewide. Media partnerships were established with ethnic media to help reach multicultural audiences via the media outlets they know and trust. Two webcasts were produced that featured a BAR technician offering useful tips on how car maintenance can extend a vehicle’s life, save money and reduce smog. A partnership was established with the American Lung Association in California. Several community events were coordinated in three target markets where city/county officials presented a “DriveHealthy Day” resolution to BAR officials at press conferences that kicked off each event.